“A reliable partner in the field of security”

Offer a wide range of custom tailored services designed to meet all the needs of our customers. Guarantee a complete support in theme of safety, including security, technological safety, investigations and facility management services.


“Action & Protection”

Global Security Solution’s vision is to become the trusted partner for safety and security, for public and private organizations following the objectives of: efficiency, technological avantgarde and competence.


We work to ensure protection, reliability and timeliness of action offering customized solutions for safety and security.

public and private

We work for public and private organizations in respect of the regulations in force.

public and private

We follow the strengths of a group leader in the sector: compliance with the rules and professional updating.

We offer a wide range of services complete of custom tailored solutions.

public and private

We pursue a Quality policy (ISO 9001/2008) and we use all the latest technologies.