Q: How long has your company been in existence?
A: Global Security Solution Inc. has been in existence for the past decade (10 years). We began operating in 2003.

Q: What other security services do you offer apart from Man-guarding?
A: We have a wide range of services namely; Safety Technology, Dog Services, Bullion Services, Installation of CCTV and Alarm Systems, Jungle Security, Investigations and Consultancy Services.

Q: Does your company have an insurance cover?
A: Yes.

Q: How effective is your monitoring/supervision?
A: Our monitoring services are quiet effective because we dont depend on only one patrol system. We have supervisors that go round during the first few hours after report to duty. This is basically to check and be sure all guards are at post and to take attendance. Other un-announced patrols are made in later to check whether guards are still alert at post and up and doing. This is done by the supervisors as well as the Zonal Commanders. The React Team in charge of a particular Zone is also charge with that same responsibility from time to time. The guards are also sometimes monitored through the radio from time to time.

Q: How equipped are your guards?
A: Global Security Solution Inc. guards are equipped with the Truncheon, Pepper Spray, Hand Cuffs, Pocket/Pen knives and shockers. They may also have a metal detector depending on the security needs of that location. Coupled with the Para-military training they go through in addition to Foot drills and the fire-fighting skills as well as Self Defense Skills like the tae-kwondo training, our guards are well equipped to handle any exigency.

Q: Who are your clients?
A: Global Security Solution Inc. has clients that cuts across from Banking Institutions, Manufacturing Firms, Warehousing facilities, Telecommunication Companies, Residences, Shops, Individuals, among others. Basically, anything Security is a Can DO thing for us.

Q: What are your appearances like/uniforms?
A: Global Security Solution Inc. guards have their uniform to be top white, black trousers with black boots to march.

Q: When do you pay your guards?
A: Our guards are paid by the 10th of every month. However, there are exceptions where some are paid earlier than that time.

Q: Do you have alarm systems?
A: Yes

Q: What makes your services different from others?
A: Global Security Solution Inc. stresses so much on the quality of work and guards to be deployed. We believe that security is all about supervision. In view of that our stress is on supervision, training of guards before deployment and re-training after deployment.